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Acular eye prosthesis

Acular eye prostheses are the main group of eye prostheses that are placed in place of the natural eye that has been lost as a result of physical injuries or diseases. Although, despite the efforts made, current technologies still do not allow the artificial eye to see. But the ocular eye can help make the patient’s face surprisingly indistinguishable from a person with two working eyes.

Today, ocular prostheses are made of a type of polymer called P.M.M.A or cryolite glass, which is more popular with patients due to its unbreakability. Ocular prostheses are provided to patients with three methods: pre-made, semi-made fitting and custom made.

Since Binasa Eye Prosthetics Clinic has the ability to make customized eye prostheses, therefore, it can match the color of the iris of the prosthesis very accurately and in accordance with the natural eye, and even in some cases, according to the request and order, according to the patient’s natural eye beauty lens or any other color. to make


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