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Orbital eye prosthesis

In extensive eye lesions, which are mainly caused by tumors, severe traumas and chemical burns, unfortunately, a large part of the orbit and its surrounding tissues are involved. In such cases, in addition to the eyeball, surgeons are forced to remove the eyelids and even part of the hard and soft tissues around the orbit.

Making an orbital eye prosthesis after reconstructive surgery is the last thing that can be done to restore the face of such patients.

Orbital prostheses can be made with different materials. Today, the best orbital prostheses are made of medical grade silicone.

Orbital prostheses can be fixed on the face of patients in three ways: magnetic implant, biological skin adhesives and grip or a combination of them.

At Binasa Clinic, we use medical grade silicones and materials used to make restorative prostheses from American factor2 company to make orbital prostheses.

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